Nuclear Darkness

Online Resources

There are some great websites which  provide sophisticated yet understandable answers to how nuclear weapons work, the history of their development and testing, and what effects these weapons have when detonated. I do not wish to attempt to duplicate or paraphrase this material. 

Please click on the highlighted URLs below to go to the best online explanations available.

General information and historical data about nuclear weapons 

Nuclear Weapons Technical Issues

Nuclear Weapons Overview

Union of Concerned Scientists

Federation of American Scientists


How Stuff Works

Nuclear Weapons Policy Issues

Nuclear Weapon Treaties and Agreements

No Launch on Warning

20 Mishaps that Might Have Started Accidental Nuclear War

Retaliatory Launch Only After Detonation

The Union of Concerned Scientists

An excellent webpage which details basic and in-depth nuclear weapons policy 

The Nuclear Information Project, by Hans Kristensen of the Federation of American Scientists

U.S. Nuclear Weapons Policies

Alternative Policies for a Safer World

Missile Defense

New Nuclear Weapons: Reliable Replacement Warheads

Specific Nuclear Weapon Effects

Fallout from Nuclear Weapons Tests and Cancer Risks

Vulnerability of populations and the urban health care systems to nuclear weapon attack – examples from four American cities

Nuclear Weapon Radiation Effects

Thermal Effects

Nuclear Weapons Effects (Bomb-A-City) Calculator

Weapons (Radioactive) Fallout Calculator

The Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator (RNEP) (animation)

Detailed scientific explanations and observations of nuclear weapons

The Effects of nuclear Weapons The Glasstone-Dolan book is considered the primary scientific reference on nuclear weapons and nuclear weapons effects.  Listed below are the URLs for the third edition, published in 1977.

The files for this book were created and graciously provided by the Princeton Program on Science & Global Security.