Nuclear Darkness


The people of the world want to end the danger of suicidal nuclear war - they want nuclear weapons to be abolished and banned. We can do this! But with tens of thousands of nuclear weapons still in existence, it will require detailed plans and gobal cooperation to reach this goal.

We can begin by demanding that all nuclear weapon states renounce the first-use of nuclear weapons. The U.S. and Russia must end their Cold War nuclear confrontation and dismantle the tens of thousands of intact nuclear weapons which remain in their arsenals. They must eliminate high-alert, quick-launch nuclear weapons and launch-on-warning policies that make accidental nuclear war possible

We must tell our leaders they must cooperate with all nations of the world to create a Treaty to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons. Such a treaty, or Nuclear Weapons Convention (NWC), has already been introduced in the United Nations and is modeled after similar (existing) treaties that outlaw chemical and biological weapons and anti-personnel landmines.

We can choose to change the world and prevent war, to spend our money to address human needs rather than to end human history. You can help make this happen; many organizations listed on this website are actively working towards a nuclear-weapons-free world. Join them, educate yourself and take action! It is not too late to save our planet from nuclear darkness.