Nuclear Darkness

Nuclear Weapons Tests: YouTube videos

The Tsar Bomb

The largest bomb detonated in history was the 57,000 kiloton (57 Megaton) Russian test in 1961. The fireball was 110 miles in diameter; the radius of the fire zone = about 64 miles. The total area of mass fire, or firestorm, would have been greater than 10,000 square miles if detonated over a large city or urban area.

Castle Bravo

  • Castle Bravo 15,000 kiloton nuclear test, largest US detonation in history

Nuclear Testing

  • Nuclear Bomb - First H Bomb test

  • Chinese high-yield nuclear test

  • French nuclear test

  • Atomic bombs in action

  • Birth Defects: Nuclear Testing Aftermath

  • Declassified U.S. Nuclear Test Film #55

  • 1 MT US weapon test : Dominic Sunset

  • Thermonuclear Bombs during Operation Dominic I

  • Nuclear War: Atomic Explosions. Hydrogen Bombs.

  • Nuke Firestorm/Suffocation

  • Fission vs. Fusion Nukes

  • Nukes On Hair Trigger Alert

  • 1-25-95-Nuke War Almost Happened

  • The First British Hydrogen Bomb

  • The first Russian Hydrogen Bomb 1953

  • French Nuclear Test "Encelade"

    Climate Change

  • Climate Change - Nuclear Winter

  • Climate Change - Nuclear War

Speeches against nuclear weapons testing

  • JFK speech on nuclear weapons testing ban and world peace

    Speech given Sept 23, 1961, three days after the U.S. and Russia issued the McCloy-Zorin accords, a joint statement of agreed principles for disarmament negotiations.
  • JFK: "together we will save our planet"